About Us

About Us

"I founded Gift Gourmet already in 2006, after getting this brilliant idea of making fabulous gift baskets. That idea came after I received a basket as a Christmas gift from a business partner. It was so inspirational and I saw a lot of potential. An import-wholesale-gift service-webshop business was a totally new concept in Finland, and it soon turned out to be a great idea.

The business changed a lot when I sold the import-wholesale part in 2014. Then it was time to focus on the basic idea what I started with: making gifts and selling online. 

Nowadays many brands come and go, yet some have stayed with us a longer time. Now we see more local Finnish products. The importance of selling beautiful and delicious products, containing nothing artificial hasn't vanished. High quality is very important: all gifts are hand made in our own workshop in Helsinki. We make them on demand, and the products are always fresh. All bows are hand made, and we recycle what we can. Don't be surprised if you receive your beautiful basket in a shipping box that has been already used a couple times before! 

I have designed several gift ideas on the webshop. Most of them are gift baskets, but we also use boxes and bags. However, I have more ideas than those, and am willing to share them to find a proper gift for each customer. I also designed gifts based on price only. They have been well-received and suit the busy gift givers, who trust my professionalism in making a great gift within the given budget. Detailed instructions are of course more than welcome to make it even more appreciated!

When I started this business, I learned the art of gift basket making in the US. In three consecutive years I participated in gift basket conventions with the top of the industry as instructors. I localized the style and techniques to suit our culture and lifestyle, and created my own style. Again in 2015 I joined a convention in Las Vegas, and virtually in 2017. My style has developed, the techniques have been altered, and something new is always there. I have my peer group in the US, as there are no entrepreneurs any nearer to share the joys and challenges of the gifting industry. With the help and friendship and connections of my American colleagues and the Gift Basket Association,  I learn something new all the time. And I give it back to my customers in the form of nice gifts and immaculate service. I'm happy to tell we have some corporate customers, who have been with us from the early years. The level of service has always been high, and the concept of unique tailor-made gifts is much appreciated.

A gift is perfect, when the recipient first admires the looks, then gets delighted when seeing the products. After all these years, I still find my passion in making gifts for all occasions.
Gift Gourmet baskets can't be compared with others. They are unique."

Minna Lehtipuu
Entrepreneur, Founder
Gift Gourmet
Proverbial Ltd