Some frequently asked questions... 


Where do you ship gifts?

We ship gifts within the EU. However, deliveries to foreign countries have recently been slow, and they are quite expensive. We can't guarantee any specific delivery dates. In Finland we use the Postal Services (Posti). In the Helsinki area (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen) we also offer our courier service for deliveries, and that service allows specific delivery dates.

Always include the recipient's local Finnish mobile number (+358-) in the order!
In case of an error in recipient´s contact information the gift might not be delivered, or there will be a significant delay.

We will charge €12 service fee  for any corrections in recipients´ contact information that we need to make into the Postal Services´ system after the gift has been shipped from us.

Therefore, check and recheck the contact info and especially the phone number. Local mobile phone numbers start with a 0, unless there is the international country code +358. This is a recurring problem! Please make sure you have the phone number in a correct form, and that you have entered the recipient's phone, not yours.
In Finland, the Postal Services need to reach the recipient, packages are not left to a neighbour, or on a doorstep, and their system is fully automated with SMS's. Thank you for your cooperation!

I would like to add a card on my order, how can I do that?

There are two ways to order a card.  

When in the shopping cart, on the first page, click the link at the bottom on the left. It says CHOOSE A CARD, RIBBON, BASKET & CELLOPHANE.  
By clicking that link, a new page opens and you may choose a card (or an imprinted ribbon if you prefer). On the space just below, you may add the text to be printed on the card.
You may also choose a card as a product (code 997, or from product listings where available). If you chose a card as a product, you may write the text on the additional text field in the shopping cart, on the last page, just before you finalize the order.
If you forget that, send us the text by email (info@giftgourmet.fi) and mention the order # and your name.
And if you choose a card twice accidentally, we will add some items in the gift to fill the value. 

All cards are made individually. We use your text, add a picture, print the card and laminate it. 


Could you add a nice bottle of wine?

In Finland we have a government alcohol monopoly and thus we can't sell alcohol. If you happen to be in Finland you may order a bottle from Alko (the government alcohol store) webshop, and ask it to be picked up from Helsinki Herttoniemi Alko or you may just bring it to us. If there are many bottles, you should have them shipped to us. However, we have been told by our foreign customers that the Alko store is not accessible without Finnish bank codes for security reasons, so purchase from outside Finland may not possible. 

Are any of the gifts vegan or gluten-free?

We can make any gift vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free. Any allergies can be considered. Please mention this in the additional text field, at the bottom of the last page of the shopping cart (you will find the text box just before you finalize the order).


Can I order several gifts in one order?

If they are going to different addresses, then unfortunately no. The system allows only one delivery address / order. But if all gifts are to one address, then this is possible. 

What is the Christmas schedule?

You should make your oder as soon as possible. When ordering online, you may request the delivery later, like just before Christmas.  

The 2024 deadline for Christmas orders is 11th December. All orders made and/or confirmed on that date will be made on time for Christmas. The final shipping date for Christmas in 2024 is 19th December. 

We would prefer email when contacting us. During our peak season (Sep-Dec) we are sometimes too busy to even pick up the phone. It is also nice to have some data in writing, makes it easier to continue the service! You may also use whatsapp when contacting us, but email is always the best way!