Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil Honest Toil

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Honest Toil is Extra-Virgin and first cold pressed. This means it is of the highest grade obtainable and that absolutely no heat or chemicals are used to control flavour or acidity levels during any part of the processing. This is especially important  as it ensures that the oil retains more of its natural nutrients because the olives themselves undergo less degradation. The pure greengold liquid is bottled within a week or two, to keep it as fresh as possible. Honest Toil Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one hundred percent first pressing cold pressed native Greek Messinian. Its zero point three percent acidity renders it among the purest extra virgin olive oil available. Hand picked and sustainably pressed, this family harvested and run business is as pure as it gets.

Olive oil is a well-known constituent of the salubrious Mediterranean diet – it is high in monosaturates, high in antioxidants and high in vitamins A and E. It is completely, naturally, free of cholesterol. The batches for Honest Toil come from the freshest Messinian mountain olives and are pressed only once to ensure that all of our oil maintains every last little bit of the good stuff, and remains wholly undiluted until it reaches you!


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